Mylk Chocolate

Vegan milk chocolate made with tiger nuts, buckwheat & cashew nuts (90g)


‘Mylk Chocolate’ is our vegan interpretation of milk chocolate. A special blend of organic tiger nuts, buckwheat and cashew nuts achieves a creaminess reminiscent of traditional milk. This added to Peruvian cacao beans and Palmyra tree blossom creates a delicious moreish bar of vegan milk chocolate.

ORGANIC Ingredients: Cacao Nibs, Palmyra Tree Blossom Sugar, Cacao Butter, Tiger Nuts, Buckwheat, Cashew Nuts, Vanilla Beans

(Contains Nuts, Gluten Free)

Cacao Solids: 50%, 1 Bar: 90g

Store cool and dry, out of direct sunlight (not in the refrigerator)

The packaging is 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable

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