Farmers’ Markets and Alexandra Rose Charity

Alexandra Rose Charity

Farmers’ markets and Food festivals have a really big place in our culture in the UK; not only do they offer great local produce at reasonable prices, they also give a platform for new and unique companies to peddle their creations.

Selling produce at markets and food festivals has been at the centre for us at Gemini Chocolate. From the very start it has given us a chance to fully engage with customers, getting feedback on new additions to our range, sharing ideas about how we can expand, and ultimately finding out exactly what people want from a company like us. Additions and changes such as removing plastic from all our packaging, or introducing products such as our lower sugar Small Bar Medjool, came directly from conversations with our customers at the market-stall.

However, it could certainly be argued that the local market has become a bit of a luxury that not everyone can afford. We recently have been talking to UK based charity, Alexandra Rose about this issue and what can be done. Founded in 1912 by Queen Alexandra, their aim is for everyone to have access to healthy and affordable food. Find out about everything they do here:

And perhaps their work will go some way to reducing the perceived elitism of the modern “Foodie’s Market”.