How it started

The Chandler brothersAlthough we’ve been in London now for almost exactly a year, our roots originated in Yorkshire. All three of us, brothers, – two Geminis and a Sagittarius – having grown up in a community with farming at the forefront, gained a lasting passion for quality food and drink. This passion led to Sam’s founding of Gemini Chocolate nearly four years ago from his kitchen in the village he grew up in.

Refusing to accept that indulgence has to come at a cost to our health, Sam created a product that has both taste and nutrition as equal priorities; he coined it ‘Chocolate to Live for’.

It started out small, selling the home-made chocolate in hand stamped, brown paper packaging at local markets such as the Fruit Market Hull, Beverley Wednesday Market and Humber Bridge Farmers’ Market, as well as local food festivals. With the immediate feedback from the local communities being so strong, it became clear there was room in the market for more mindful ways to satisfy our indulgences.

Sam at White Rose Polo Club
Sam at White Rose Polo Club

With this as encouragement and the ever growing demand for quality vegan produce, Sam officially registered Gemini Chocolate, rolled out his online shop and started selling chocolate across the UK.