Why do 1 in 3 people avoid chocolate?

They think it’s bad for them, that’s why. Well we all know that the best cure for, well, just about anything is a big bar of chocolate but is it bad for you or good for you?

Well that really depends on the chocolate. Gemini’s chocolate is not only delicious but it’s actually good for you. Because it’s raw chocolate, tucking into a huge bar of deliciousness can make you less likely to die of a heart attack and if you are sipping a glass of red wine at the same time it can actually make you feel younger!

So while half of us are trying to kick the chocolate habit the other half are looking younger and healthier with every bite they take. But when the health benefits really kick in is when you use chocolate to rev up your diet and exercise plan. Not only does chocolate for breakfast stop you snacking during the day but if you rustle up Sam’s special recipe for fitballs it can give you that perfect protein and carb spike that you need after doing a HIIT routine.



  • 2 bars Just Chocolate
  • 180g medjool stoneless dates


Whizz the chocolate in a food processor until it’s nice and powdery. Add the dates one at a time until it all comes together. Take the mixture out, roll it into balls.And hey presto, you have the perfect post exercise pick you up.