A Week in Chocolate

gemini - just chocolateWe know that you love Gemini Chocolate’s unique flavours but it can be tricky to decide just which chocolate bar to eat today, and that’s why we’ve come up with this handy guide.

Whether you have manic Mondays, terrible Tuesdays or slouch-about Sundays we’ve got a bar for you.
Mondays. Kick off Monday with a fruit ‘n’ nut treat and make your mid-morning snack our Hazelnut & Sultana Bar. Stuffed with organic goodies it’s really the best bet if you feel a bit emotional on the “moon” day. You’ll be doing your body a favour too – it’s a little-known fact that on average, blood pressure rises on Mondays, increasing the number of heart attacks. But as dark chocolate helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, that snack is practically medicinal!

Tuesdays. Perhaps unfairly, Tuesday has had a really bad press. Its name derives from Tyr, the Nordic God of War and therefore Mars’ counterpart, so it should be the day that you take action and get things done, but researchers think it’s the most depressing day of the week. Prove them wrong and use our Puffed Quinoa Bar as your pick-me-up, as the protein-rich quinoa grains will give you a real shot of energy that lasts the whole day.

Wednesdays. So, which of our bars is going to help you on Wednesday? Well Wednesday is Mercury’s day and that makes it the day of communication, creativity and self-expression, so why not start the day with our Sunrise Bar. It’s made with coconut which, thanks to the high levels of potassium, is a great food to set your body up for the day, and so here it is: our handy package of combined coconut and raw cacao bean goodness, packed with nutrients to really get those creative juices going.

Thursdays. Now the good fats in peanuts are essential for optimum health, so what better preparation for a sprint finish to your week is there than to fit the Chocolate Peanut Bar into your Thursday. Jupiter is in charge that day so technically, the sky’s the limit!

Fridays. So now we come to the start of the weekend and the day dedicated to love – Friday. And what else could you choose than Just Chocolate. Our ultimate indulgence made from the finest raw Criollo beans – what a reward for surviving the week.

Saturdays. Hey hey hey, it’s Saturday, well known to be the happiest day of the week, so go for Eclipse as it’s the perfect start to the best evening out. Eat it on your own or share it with friends (if you’re feeling generous) and those contrasting yet complimentary flavours of coconut, white chocolate and a crisp, tempered shell of bittersweet dark chocolate will make for a really decadent night.

Sundays. After a big night out, Sunday is detox day, and as all our bars are sugar, dairy and gluten free they are perfect for a mini-health kick. Make our Twilight bar part of your Sunday brunch and enjoy the combination of dark chocolate, vanilla and exquisite sweetness, without the guilt.