Gemini creates award-winning organic vegan chocolate that is carefully crafted from bean to bar. The chocolate is stoneground with Peruvian cacao beans and then aged for up to two months to enhance their complex flavour. We use Palmyra tree blossom to sweeten our chocolate, which is a highly nutritious unrefined sugar harvested from the nectar of the Palmyra palm tree. Our chocolate is not only delicious, but also produced with an uncompromising care for people’s health and the environment. This is – chocolate to live for.

"I founded Gemini to create chocolate that not only tastes amazing, but is also produced with an uncompromising set of values. " Samuel Chandler

Chocolate to live for

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Featured Products

  • Peruvian dark chocolate with figs & jasmine flowers (85g)

    Fig & Jasmine Flower

  • Peruvian dark chocolate with orange & tamarind (45g)

    Orange & Tamarind

  • Peruvian dark chocolate with creamy coconuts & vanilla (90g)



“One of the judges said this was one of the nicest 70% chocolates they have tasted in a long time.”

Great Taste Awards – cocoa

“Deep rich and complex, the 70% cocoa is beautiful and your addition of coconut has worked well without being too strong.”

Great Taste Awards – cocoa

“The chocolate melts well on the palate and the little crunch inside (praline) adds lovely texture and flavour. Good flavour, accomplished and delicious.”

Great Taste Awards – Almond Crunch

“This stuff is the real deal, eating it should be a meditative experience to fully appreciate the awesomeness.”